Whether you want to alleviate existing problems or just want to learn how to avoid them in the first place: do something good for yourself - with our help. We support you with recognized, proven healing teachings and methods that have been tried and ested thousands of times.





The Massanuga stretches are used specifically to promote the flow of energy in the meridians and organs. With these simple, practical exercises, we can increase the mobility of your joints and muscles, eliminate possible stagnation and reduce a variety of ailments.






This self-massage (tennis ball, black roll) is not only pleasant superficially - the stretching exercises also help to loosen muscle hardening or cladding and to avoid or reduce pain. Since the training optimally supplies the tissue surrounding the muscle, it can also significantly reduce the risk of injury in everyday life.









This training is suitable for everyday use!

The feet are the foundation of the body - yet they are often neglected. In this special form of foot exercise you will learn to consciously appreciated your feet and your whole body again and to give them more mobility and strength. The effect on the entire body is phenomenal. 






Thanks to the moveable surface of the physio ball, all the muscles in this training come into motion: some have to contract to make the movement possible, while others keep the body in balance and stabilize it. The trick here: through simple exercises not only visible muscles, but also the low-lying layers of muscle are trained and strengthened.






Our food not only provides us with energy but also influences our overall well-being: if we have an unbalanced diet, our body reacts immediately - and of course vice versa. The nice thing: a conscious diet has nothing to do with giving things up forever. Because TCM 5-element teaching makes it possible to eat a balanced and enjoyable diet at the same time. With the help of physio-energetics and metabolic typing, we create a nutritional plan that takes into account individual intolerances and fits 100% to your constitutional type. So we say that a change in nutrition is not a diet or form of starvation, but rather  a slow, continuous way to a greater sense of well-being.