It is a common misconception that only exhausting, powerful exercises or massages are effective. Many applications and methods are rather about small, conscious impulses and movements, which are all the more effective. It is important to listen to your own body and to understand its signals better and better. It will definitely thank you for it!





Kinesiology is the study of movement and movement processes, a method of treatment and self-help based on traditional Chinese medicine. With the help of muscle function tests, we experience through the body itself what is detrimental for it at this current point in time. Simple methods such as holding acupuncture points can then restore the physical, energetic and mental balance.



Our bodies do not lie: with the help of this holistic diagnostic and therapeutic method, it reveals to us where hidden causes of possible disorders can be found. Step by step, different levels of the body are tested and from this an individual procedure is developed to dissolve physical disharmonies. Physio-energetics is also a reliable way to determine your personal metabolism - to put together the optimal nutrition for your everyday life.





 Classic massage is not only one of the oldest and best-known healing methods - it also helps to maintain one's own health. On the one hand, it has a physically and mentally relaxing effect, but on the other hand it is also stimulating and invigorating. The better blood circulation of the muscles causes an increased supply of oxygen in the body cells and contributes to the removal of harmful metabolic products. Even pain can be alleviated by a sensitive, skillful massage.






The Meridian Guasha Therapy is the modern form of a traditional Chinese folk art that is used both for cosmetic skin care and for disease prevention. The gentle, careful scraping of the skin stimulates your metabolism and detoxification of the body. In addition to the fresh look that this treatment gives you, it stimulates vital powers in the body - even chronic fatigue or sleep disorders are blown away and you feel well in your own skin again.